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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TGF Newsletter Tutorial - Charms!

I had so much fun making magnets with Kim’s Magnetize It tutorial at Club Anya & Friends, I wanted to try to make some other fun stuff using the same idea! I decided to use Tim Holtz round/oval “Fragments” to make some fun TGF charms.
1. Stamp out the images you want to use. In this case I used the fabulous Miss Anya’s, some TGF sentiments and random accessory stamps.

2. Trace the outline of the fragment pieces you want to use around your stamped image

3. Color in the area inside of the pencil line, extending slightly beyond it just in case


4. If you use dark colors such as black or blue, Glossy Accents (GA) will make the color run, so use a piece of clear packing tape to cover your image, I did this with the black haired Anya.  It take the GA longer to dry and it can slip and slide if you jostle it, but it will keep your colors looking good!
5. Cover your image in a good coating of GA, better too much than too little

6. Place your Fragment pieces over your GA, you can wipe off any excess around the outside with a cotton swab/Q-tip

7. I usually wait until the GA are dry before cutting the image out, but if you’d rather cut the image out when it’s wet, either way works

8. Once the GA dries then you can attach your charm to a jump ring and put it on a necklace or keychain!

 TIP: If you want the back of the charm to be more polished or smooth, add a thin layer of GA and let it dry.



gobeagirl said...

Hi Rach. These are all just so wonderful. I have made some with the square accents that don't have holes in the tops. Were can I get the kind you have used? I would love, to make a key chain or two or twenty. lol...Great idea. Hugs, Lisa G
PS: Your coloring rocks as always.

Amy said...

Saw these in the newsletter and thought they were just fantastic looking! What a fun project Rach! :)

scrapn_momof2 said...

OH MY GOSH Rachel, these are just fantastic!! Fantastic I tell you!!! I can not wait to try these for cute little necklaces for all of my daycare lil' buddies. Thank you so much for sharing.

Gab said...

This is just adorable!

Toni said...

These are just awesome. In a way, reminds me of some shrinky-dinks that I did years ago - but these are 100 times better, and of course, TGF images are just the best.

Anonymous said...

I understand quite nothing to the explanations... because I'm French and I dont know the material you use, but the result is stunning.
Warm thoughts !

Sybilline said...

Very cute and clever idea to use these fragment charms!

Brenda said...

Fabulous tutorial!

Jennifer Grace said...

Hello, just come here from counterfeit kit challenge blog, your pendants are really cool. Thanks for the tutorial. x

Tricia said...

Great tutorial - thanks for sharing!

Angela Toucan said...

those are fabulous