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Friday, August 6, 2010

Copic Tutorial - "Changing" Colors

So I have this beautiful image and these beautiful papers that I want to use with it. The problem? I don't have the correct color tones to match the paper! So this is a quick tutorial on what I do when I need to "dirty" something up/tone it down, whatever you want to call it ;0)

I color the image first with colors that match the papers as close as I can. 

The colors on the paper are pretty, but a bit muted so I am going to add a marker with a grey tone in it, in this case YG93.  You do NOT have to use this specific marker, most markers with grey tones will work, this is just the one I personally prefer.

 I don't want to touch the pink or the olive green colors because they are fine as they are, but I do want to tone down the blues and oranges and the brighter green.  I use my YG93 to start in the darker areas and do a single light layer up to the lighter areas.  On my orange I didn't want to mess with the light orange area much so I stayed away from it, but on the blue I really want to change the whole tone so I colored over the whole area.

There isn't a huge, dramatic difference, but if you look at the orange, blue and bright green they are toned down a bit and match the paper a bit better (click on pic for larger one).

I also did the same thing on the leaves of the tree on this card; the turquiose I had was just not the right shade so I swiped it with my YG93 to tone down the color a bit:

Images by Pink Cat Studio


scrapn_momof2 said...

Thanks for the tips Rachel. I have to admit I am a little bit Copic challenged. I have been trying the coloring hair technique that was posted at the Color Me Copic blog and I am just challenged. Maybe you can hop on a plane and give me some pointers:)

Cindy Haffner said...


WickedPixie said...

Rachel, this is a fab tutorial! It is very similar to what I do when I don't have the right color! I just got back from vacation and I had a lovely card waiting for me - Thanks SO much! (And I don't know how long it's been there but I just saw your Jacob and Edward pic on the sidebar - too funny! ) :-)Traci

donna mikasa said...

Wow, Rach! This is such an informative tutorial! I didn't know there were grey tones in YG93! Since I don't own every Copic color, I know this will come in handy! Thank you!!!!

Jodi said...

This is a wonderful, informative tutorial!! I can sure see the difference!! Great work!
Jodi =)

Pam Varnell said...

This is such an awesome tut girl. I find myself trying to change colors a lot because I just didn't get it quite right but mine never turns out this good. Thanks for the great tips!!!