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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Change is a good thing (?)

I don't do a lot of personal blogging on here, but since a lot of you fellow crafty ladies have become good friends of mine, today I'm making a small exception :0)

First off, I wanted to share a couple of pics from our vacation to Hersey, PA.  This was our first family vacation - every other time we've taken a trip it's been to visit family, so we were all very excited and had a great time.

This is somehow the ONLY family pic we ended up with! We were at Chocolate World, though you can't tell.

Does this look like heaven to anyone else?

The kids had a wonderful time creating their little hearts out at the Crayola Factory

On a more serious note, there are a lot of changes about to happen in my household and I'm trying to keep in mind that change is a good thing, though I'm not feeling my most optimistic right now.  A few of you know that I'm working on my Master's in School Counseling and I'm about halfway through my program, which is great, but I'm also at the hardest part both academically and personally. 

I'm a full time SAHM as well as a full-time grad student and now I will be starting my Practicum on Tuesday which means that two days a week I will be working with students and shadowing a school counselor at the local high school (and not getting paid of course, lol) on top of my regular school schedule. Headed back to High School in my late 20's, who knew?!? I know it's not earth-shattering for most people, but I haven't worked in a "regular" job in 5 years and even then, it was not particularly "regular" b/c I was still in the Air Force.  I'm also having a hard time with being away from my kids, though I realize it's probably good for both them and myself.

I'm not a huge fan of change and so many at one time has me feeling a bit crazy and super stressed.  I know it will all be good in the end but I can really use all the encouragement and support I can get in the coming months :0) 

Love you guys and if you are still reading this, thanks a ton!


donna mikasa said...

Oh, Rach, I applaud you and anyone else who continues their education--no matter what age! Hang in will all be worth it in the end!

Thanks for sharing your pics--such a great looking family!

Sage Words said...

Rachel! You're going to be Wonderful! You have more talent and skill than you ever let yourself believe in, and yet you ooze success (that may be a little gross.)!

It was once my job to evaluate your skills and I never found you unable to meet and overcome any challenge. This will be no different!

You are THE HEAT young lady! Don't forget that!

-Sage (Old Man) Words

Melissa S said...

You'll be super fantastic! And remember I'm here for anything you need because well I love you and you are a fabulous friend!

scrapn_momof2 said...

Hi Rachel, great photos of your vacation but now I am craving chocolate. LOL

Change is always a little scray but just remember that you can never really have progress without a little change. :)

the whimsical butterfly said...

What a beautiful family, Rach! ADORE your pics and hmmm yeah now I want reeses :D Honey I totally applaud you too for ALL you do-change is SCARY but I just try to keep my eye on the prize and remember why I love butterflies so much :) Love ya girl-email me ANY time!!!

Pam Varnell said...

Rach you have a beautiful family. I know this will be a hard time for you but I admire you for all that you do. You are an amazing person and this change will only make you stronger and happier in the end. Big hugs coming to you and know that anytime you need to talk I am here in addition to lots of other ladies that love you too. Hang in there sweets.

Leanne said...

Hi Rachel, aw, you all looked like you were having so much fun. It's always good to get away with just the family. TFS!
I know you will find the strength and perserverance to battle through anything. Anyone that can be a full-time SAHM and go back to school has my full admiration. You will be fantastik and when you are feeling down just push through and remember that this is what you want and your family is rooting for you. Change can be difficult at first, but it can also turn out to be something amazing. I'm rooting for you girl! BIG HUGS to you!

Amy said...

Looks like the perfect vacation to me! Chocolate and coloring... heaven!
Change is always hard and scary at first but everything always works out and it will probably be way easier than you've worried about! B & W will probably look forward to their 'play days' with the other kids! So try not to stress too much, we are all rooting for ya and we'll be here for anything you may need! Hugs and take care of yourself...take your vitamins and don't forget to eat.

Tasha said...

Ah you and your family are gorgeous! You know i think you are a super star so chin up hunny and hings will start to look brighter
love tasha xx

Gab said...

I've just started following your blog and felt motivated to comment on this post. Change is hard ... but it is good! My DH used to be in the Aussie Air Force and now works for an airline. We lived in Hong Kong for 7 years and moved back to Oz 5 years ago. We are now contemplating going back to HK and I'm thinking about going back to study too ... so I know where you're coming from!