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Thursday, October 29, 2009

This tot's got...

So I'm a mean mommy and my craft area is completely off limits to anyone who...well, who is not me :) For TGF's current contest your child can create a card for a chance to win one of the new Twinkle Tots coming out in November. My DD Brooklyn (5 in Dec) LOVES my TGF stamps (she calls them my "doll stamps") so I knew she'd love the chance to make a card.

She was in HEAVEN b/c she got to sit at the "sacred mommy desk" (my words, LOL), use my cricut AND my stamps, my butterfly punch (another fave of hers) and the big one was I let her loose with my Stickles. She's asks for them all the time and I always tell her no (the disaster she could make with glitter glue makes me shudder) so she was off the wall excited to use them. I did not however let her use my Copics.

Never. Gonna. Happen :0)

She picked the colors, paper and type of card and she did all the color and cutting too! She picked where to put everything, I was so proud of how well she did though I am a bit concerned that in a few years she'll be waaaay better than me!

Westin got in on the coloring too until I caught him coloring on the patio door and he got scolded and then I got this face:

All in all it was a fun afternoon and I was so proud of how well B did her card!


Melissa S said...

Alright B!! I love your card!! Your butterflies are beautiful!

Love ya,

Amy said...

Awww, these photos are too precious! You can see how excited Brooklyn is and poor little Westin is so sorry! LOL
Brooklyn's card is FAB-U-LOUS! I love her sparkly butterflies and her dress is so pretty! Awesome job coloring, can't believe she's not even 5 yet!

Mrs Weyremaster said...

OMGosh Brooklyn's card is gorgeous, and that colouring is brilliant, your gonna have to really watch your craft stash hunni, She's gonna make some gorgeous card as she gets older, you definately have competition, tehe :)

Poor little man, looks so sad, you nasty mummy tehe, don't think he likes the colour of your patio doors tehe.

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us,
Luv to ya all

Jewelbug said...

Rachel- you better watch out! B's gonna be begging to play with your doll stamps all the time now!! She did a wonderful job on her creation.

Your sparkly friend!